OSCam Emu Icam 11724

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OSCam Emu Icam 11.724 for ALL IPK & sh4 spark 07/08/2023

OSCam Emu Icam 11.724 Compiled by MOHAMED_OS

OSCam Emu Icam 11724

– Removed compiler parameter -fno-tree-vectorize. The binary runs about 10% faster with neon (thanks @@eldi0s )

  • Go to AJ Panel then plugin then removed package and see and removed the select usr / bin oscam
    etc / tuxbox / config delete oscam folder
    etc / initd oscam script

OSCam Emu Icam 11.724

– Small change in ffdesca, which is slightly faster .

remove :

usr / bin oscam

etc / tuxbox / config delete oscam folder

etc / initd oscam script

Name↓Last Modified:Size:Type:
../ OSCam Emu Icam 11724 –  Directory
Ncam/2023-Jun-16 07:57:12–  Directory
Oscam/2023-Aug-07 07:24:12–  Directory
ncam config.rar2022-Sep-27 17:46:0213.9Kapplication/rar
Oscam config.rar2022-Nov-09 17:40:2913.9Kapplication/rar
slika 1.jpg / OSCam Emu Icam 117242022-Nov-09 17:46:07296.9Kimage/jpeg
slika 2.jpg2022-Nov-09 17:46:11264.7Kimage/jpeg
Uputstvo – Instruction.txt2023-Jan-19 11:45:182.1Ktext/plain; charset=utf-8
userbouquet.ciefp_19e_icam_skyde.tv2022-Dec-25 09:47:3325.9Kapplication/octet-stream
userbouquet.ciefp_28e_skyuk_icam.tv2023-Feb-22 08:08:4618.5Kapplication/octet-stream
userbouquet.sky.tv2022-Dec-25 09:47:3214.1Kapplication/octet-stream

OSCam Emu Icam 11.724 work

OSCam Emu Icam 11724
python -c "$(wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MOHAMED19OS/Download/main/Emu/installer.py -qO -)"
OSCam Emu Icam 11724
Download Now

Download Now

OSCam Emu 11.724 Powervu issue Fix

OSCam Emu 11.724 Internal Card issue Fix

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